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The situation in Ohio

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Guys, what do you think about the environmental disaster that happened because of the chemical train crash on February 3rd in Ohio. As far as I know, there a freight train, in which there were several dozen wagons with vinyl chloride, derailed in the evening. As a result of the accident, a fire first broke out, and then one of the tanks exploded.
I read fairly reputable US media every day (W.P.,N.T.,F.T., and CNN) but none of them covers this issue, as if on purpose. What do they say inside your country?
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Thanks Joe, Kamala, Pete, at least Pete showed up a couple weeks after the fact. Why would you walk around a hazardous waste site in dress shoes. Some people are wearing hazmat suits and some walking around in construction site clothes?


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Erin Brockovich held her 2nd townhall meeting with the people living in East Palestine last night. She is asking why is Norfolk Southern controlling the narrative of everything being done and or not done, Why is Norfolk Southern in change of the clean up and not the EPA & DEP. She told people DO NOT sign anything from anyone with out talking to legal counsel or her before you sing a Damn thing Norfolk Southern is only looking out for Norfolk Southern. If you did sign anything let them know and they will see what can be done to undo the papers you signed..

What a F'n mess they created for these people and for some to say that's what they get for voting for Trump and the Republican's, unreal.

Another Norfolk & Southern derailment about 200 miles away from the last one. Looks like it started leaving the tracks at a road crossing............Unreal

Train conductor lost his life when train hits large dump truck, the conductor was on the outside of the train when the accident happened, this one happened in Ohio as well.

Yet another Norfolk Southern derailment this time in Alabama.

What a mess still, Government testing shows everything is safe, yea right.

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