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Spy balloon?

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The news media says that China sent a spy balloon over the U.S. - but was it true? Brian here brings up some good points. Think he's crazy?

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I can't get this news clip to play so I took a screenshot of it so you can get an idea of the fakeness that was broadcast to millions. The news anchor was claiming how dangerous and powerful the hurricane is and yet two dudes just calmly and casually walk past in the background, lol. See, you can not believe everything they tell you.


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Here, listen to this guy's perspective....

Wow, the censorship is crazy. They won't let this video play either. Anyways, in the news clip, you could totally tell that the person was a mannequin. Same when CONVID first broke, they had mannequins lying in the streets. You could totally tell that they were. Of course those videos can no longer be found. Why? What are they hiding?


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Well yea, its CNN.
It's ALL news. They ALL read from the same script! Be wise as owls.

Here's more programming......

Nothing is real. Wars aren't real - not in the sense of conflict, it's all manufactured conflict to send people out to die. It's a joke and a game to the programmers of this reality. It's up to us to wake up and stop believing the lies that enslave us.
I've never understood why we the people fight our slave owners so called "battles". If they start a fight then let them boxfor themselves, instead they send us out to "fright" for them. War would stop instantly if everyone would just put down their weapons and say FUCK IT, im not fighting someone else's battles anymore, then war would stop instantly but as long as we line up for the bull pen then this shit continues. They pray on ignorance, it's what keeps them in "power".
Here's more evidence of our rigged really. The 1994 illuminati game cards predicted a shooting in Las Vegas and ironically enough Jason Aldean just happened to be playing in Vegas where the shooting took place. Notice the Jack and Ace cards on the game card and then look at Jason's tattoo, coincidence? Also, the last name of the shooter was Paddock and where the people got shot at was known as the "paddock". You can't make this shit up.


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Well yea, its CNN.
Though CNN was more or less a spin off of Sun News.
The earthquake in Turkey is on the news, is it a lie? Did you watch any of the videos of the buildings fall? They must have been loaded with explosives, they fell too fast for an earth quake.
The more i research this quake the more i am convinced that this is fake also. Fake in the sense of storytelling and how those buildings toppled. First of all, Turkey and NATO are or were fighting, and second, they have the technology to cause and create earthquakes. Tesla invented the technology to shake the ground back in the 30's. Also, you see people standing in the streets as buildings are falling! We've never seen this before and as the buildings are falling, people aren't being shaken and a strange looking cloud was seen lingering above before the earthquakes. If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well then it must be donkey.. It's just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. 😉
I own this book among many others of Tesla.

Just like the weather, they can create and control earthquakes also.
See, when you know what you are looking for then you will see the lies.

All I see is a blow hard working at trying to convince some that his view is right. Not one speck of proof. Youy need to believe his first lies to believe his second. I doubt he could convince a class of kindergartners.How is it you are falling for this BS.
Really? And you dont see any blow hards on the news doing the same thing? Is it because they are on tv that they get a pass? A Call For An Uprising is showing you facts, how is he trying to convince you of something? Is it not a fact that NATO and Turkey were at odds with each other? Is it not a fact that Tesla created a device that can shake the ground? Is it not a fact that weather control is a real thing? Is it not a fact that hundreds of thousands of people saw a strange cloud in the sky just before the quake? The question is, how is it that you fall for the lies that the news blow hards are feeding you? Oh yeah, one other thing, who and when was the last politician or news channel that never lied about something?
Even the Washington compost did an article on the strange cloud. You can also find articles that talk about tension between NATO and Turkey. Yeah, A Call For An Uprising must be trying to convince you of a conspiracy! LOL

So Tesla made a machine that could make vibrations that cloud be detected 100's of feet away. A 20 Lb shaped charge on bedrock can de detected 1000's of miles away, even felt within 50 miles. That does nothing to show how NATO or anybody could cause a 7+ earthquake from around the world. Those type of clouds are not uncommon in that area, or many mountainous areas.
Even the Washington compost did an article on the strange cloud.
From your link.

But it was just a lenticular cloud — not uncommon in the vicinity of tall mountains.
I'm not sure how the Tesla thing works. I'm sure back when he first invented the device that it was short range but now as technology has grown (using Teslas own teachings) that it can be felt from much further distances. The United States military admits that they can penetrate sound waves miles down below the earths surface. So anything is possible.


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