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Spy balloon?

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The news media says that China sent a spy balloon over the U.S. - but was it true? Brian here brings up some good points. Think he's crazy?

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Think he is crazy? yes. He will say anything to get people worked up, and keep watching his BS.

His big issue is the speed it traveled, Speeds of 100 to 150 MPH are not uncommon for the jet stream. Google maps says Montana to South Carolina is 2100 to 2200 miles. At 65 MPH (Driving), that is 33 hours. When I first heard about it, on Wed they said it was over Montana. So 48 hrs to reach South Carolina is not impossible.

We can learn more by watching it, and monitoring any radio emissions, then we can by shooting it down right away.

The whole balloon thing is a much to do about nothing. What are they distracting us from?
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I am sure they tracked it from its source. They just did not say anything until it became public knowledge. You can bet that Japan investigated it long before it even got near Alaska.

Where did you get that anybody tried to take it out?
Here, from a retired fighter pilot.

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The story about the Caniadians shooting a baloon and it not coming down, is a different balloon from a year or so back. I have not heard anything that they tried on this one.
Maybe it did not travel over Canada.

Take note, they have no idea what the path was. The ones that do know, are not talking.

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The earthquake in Turkey is on the news, is it a lie? Did you watch any of the videos of the buildings fall? They must have been loaded with explosives, they fell too fast for an earth quake.
All I see is a blow hard working at trying to convince some that his view is right. Not one speck of proof. Youy need to believe his first lies to believe his second. I doubt he could convince a class of kindergartners.How is it you are falling for this BS.
So Tesla made a machine that could make vibrations that cloud be detected 100's of feet away. A 20 Lb shaped charge on bedrock can de detected 1000's of miles away, even felt within 50 miles. That does nothing to show how NATO or anybody could cause a 7+ earthquake from around the world. Those type of clouds are not uncommon in that area, or many mountainous areas.
Even the Washington compost did an article on the strange cloud.
From your link.

But it was just a lenticular cloud — not uncommon in the vicinity of tall mountains.
The United States military admits that they can penetrate sound waves miles down below the earths surface. So anything is possible.
Yea, no shit. A 500 lb bomb will reverberate for miles including downwards.

Lol, right. They have to say that. There you go believing everything the news tells you. It's ok to be skeptical my friend.
Tell me, if those clouds are so common, when was the last time you looked out your window and saw one like it? Why do we not see thousands of these clouds from random people's photos over the years? Again, it's ok to be skeptical my friend! 😉
They mainly appear in the mountains.

How is a wacko giving a speech to the UN, solid proof? Makes tons of claims, but has not offered any proof, or any source to be verified. You owe me 30 mins.
Yea, the russians said they could control the weather back in the 70's, and everybody said the world would end. Teslas patent does not prove they can cause earthquakes across the globe pizza. You keep linking a ton of BS, trying to get diamonds from it.
Howw many private companies are there in china? Hint, none. The balloon is connected with the chinese government, even though they say it is not.
It is well known. Yes, china did allow full private companies in the last 15 uears or so, but they still have to have CCP party as their employees.

Same thing with owning property.

Here is another good thing to look at. What they do not tell you, is the brands that those companies own.

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