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Police beating

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Anybody see the videos of the police beating the citizen?

I am just saddened that any group of humans can do that to any other living being. 30 mins for an ambulance? That is not acceptable. Then all those other officers show up. Cannot tell if any of them participated in the beatings, but none did any thing to stop or help the situation.

What kind of culture is going around those departments, that these people think that type of behavior is acceptable? They forget all the cameras are watching?

I also have to wonder about that pole camera, was somebody back at the station controlling it? Why did they not have an ambulance rolling, and a supervisor heading over there?

My book, a lot more then five officers should not be in uniform any more.

I wish I did not watch, I cannot undo what I saw.
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If I heard it right, the current score is:

5 fired, and charged from the police dept.
2 on unpaid leave, and being investigated by the sheriffs dept.
2 on unpaid leave, and being investigated by the Fire Department.

I counted at least 11 in one scene, so there is two more to go. Plus they need to investigate all the departments culture, That many people do not just decide they can get away with something like that on their own as a group. Thats learned behavior. They have been going for a good bit of time as a group, getting away with a bit more each time.
everything to do with mentality. Above the law.
I agree, I think that comes from within the group, (leadership, and worker bees). Or as I call, the department culture. My experience, people within a group do not suddenly decide to become bad, and a group of people is less likely as a group to suddenly decide to be bad. It is a learned over time thing. I would also bet that there is a ton of red flags over the years that the leadership missed, or suppressed.

Having been a combat leader in the army, I think I can say from enough experience, that leadership bears a bunch of responsibility in this along with the thugs in blue.
3 From the fire dept (EMT's) are gone.

Three Memphis Fire Department personnel who responded to the incident that led to the death of Tyre Nichols on January 7 have been fired, the department announced Monday.

EMTs Robert Long and JaMicheal Sandridge, and Lieutenant Michelle Whitaker "failed to conduct an adequate patient assessment" on Nichols and violated "numerous MFD" policies and protocols, according to a press release from the MFD.

Nichols, who was beaten and pepper sprayed by multiple police officers, died as a result of his injuries three days later.
The EMTs dispatched to help Tyre Nichols after he was beat and pepper-sprayed have been fired, according to the Memphis Fire Department (msn.com)

So If I have the count right, that is 6 from the MPD, and now 3 from the MFD.

At least 2 from the Sheriffs dept, and in my book, a whole lot of supervisors to go.
I would be interested in knowing if someone was monitoring & controlling that pole camera. At the beginning, you see it jekedly pan around, and zoom in, like someone is doing that. A computer would be smooth.In the George Floyd saga, it was the person behind the camera that alerted the supervisors first that things did not look good.
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