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How do I Start a Private Conversation Message?

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How do I Start a Private Conversation Message? The FAQ shows where to find a private conversation message and how to delete a private conversation message?

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Thanks, I see those and it also looks like if you click on a members name and look at their profile there's a Tab to start a Private Conversation Message there as well. I'll test it out shortly and thanks again.

How To Find Conversations (Private Messages)

Near the upper right-hand corner, click on your avatar to open the drop-down menu and select Conversations from the navigation menu.

How To Delete A Conversation (Private Message)

There is no limit to the number of conversations you can have. You can keep them indefinitely. If you choose to have one no longer displayed to you within your conversations, click on the Kebab menu (three vertical dots) to the far right of the Star at the top of the conversation. Select Leave.

Once you leave a conversation, we cannot restore your access to it unless you are invited back to it.

You can do the following for leaving conversations in bulk (full page).

Open your conversation box. Add a checkmark next to the conversation title.

That will open a drop menu near the bottom. Add a checkmark to Select All.

Although you can add checkmarks next to each conversation, a drop menu near the bottom will appear once you select any. Click Choose action. Add a checkmark to Select all if you want to leave conversations in bulk (such as a full page).
I'm just curious is there a difference between a Message and a Private Conversation Message?? If I hover over your user name there is a "Message" tab and if I click on your user name there is a "Start Conversation" tab? Why are Private Messages not allowed to be called Private or Personal Messages but instead they're call Private Conversation Messages or Conversations?

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No difference between the two.
Thank You (y)

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