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Boat loads of biden documents

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This is nauseating.

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I spent 22 years in the Military. Over that time, I had many many classified briefings, and did a bunch of reports where I needed to access classified documents. At the bottom levels, there is no way anyone can easily remove documents or even notes, Just like Ted Cruise says for his level. I have to wonder how many classified documents he had that he got so comfortable with seeing them amongst his other papers, and not having his heart rate climb.

Then the Demoncats use the excuse that too many documents are classified, and less should be classified. WTF! Do we loosen the drunk driving laws, because too many drunks are being caught driving? Of course that goes along with the thinking that we should not prosecute people for shoplifting, so the prosecution rates will go down.

URGGGH I need another drink.
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Pres, and VP, I might be able to understand since they live where they work, but I still have a hard time understanding why someone was not accounting for all classified docs. Even in my S-3 shop, documents were signed in and out even when looked at right there with the safe.
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How many documents at Trumps were laying in a garage for 14 years? Where at least one drug user has been known to live and frequent? left in a desk in an uncontrolled office in Philadelphia for a few years? Now a bunch of documents found in Boston, How many classified ones are in that mix? or the batch he gave to the university in Delaware?

Yea, both bad, but not even the same level of incompetence.
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