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15 Minute Cities

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Does anyone know about these? I read an article earlier that there are some in Canada now. I am Canadian so not sure if there are any in the USA but I am sure there are,
It seems as a way to "isolate" people and have them secluded to small areas, easier to control and lock down whenever they feel the need.
WTF is this World coming to FFS

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Yep, it's part of the United Nations AGENDA 2030 plan which also owns and controls the WEF - you know, the "you'll own nothing and be happy about it" plan. Agenda 2030 says that nobody will be able to live out in the countryside and everybody must live in the city, this is why we see new stack 'n pack housing everywhere, and while living in the city you won't need a car, you can walk everywhere, and if you have to travell somewhere, you will take a light rail train straight to your destination with no stops.in between. Thats not freedom. It's communism.
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Agenda 2030 is really an extension of AGENDA 21.


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This is AGENDA 21 and it is the biggest threat to our democracy and freedom.

We have a few here also. They are slowly trying to seriously take over and run the world. Anyone pushing COVID is a liar and a destroyer of all things good.
I can't believe that, of all the conspiracy theories out there, people are actually thinking city planning legislation is some nefarious venture. It is literally just a concept that promotes the idea that citizens should be able to access essential services within 15 minutes of their home. Why is that a bad thing? No one is telling people where they can and cannot drive...
The traffic management scheme they have implemented in Oxford is often thrown about as some sort of 'proof' that this idea is aiming to 'keep people in their boxes'. Which would work, only if the system didn't allow any and all journeys after 7pm, you know, like it does right now. What benefit would a government see in keeping people within a certain area of their home? You spend less money, generating less tax revenue that way. This 'conspiracy theory' is not very well thought out at all.
You're entitled to think whatever you want but are your thoughts based on facts or feelings?
This, whether intentional or not, is a perfect summation of why this style of planning is a good idea, and why it is necessary.

This is simply... rubbish. All of it. Not a scintilla of fact backs up any of the claims you've made here. And, you're saying that 'living in a city', 'not needing a car' and 'taking light rail straight to your destination with no stops in between' is Communism!? Really? That's an utterly lunatic suggestion. What about that is remotely 'Communist'? And how does 'taking a light rail train straight to your destination' even get twisted around as a bad thing? You realise that that would literally provide a substantial number of direct benefits to everyone that would use it?
Before you go off trying to look like a hero, you first need to educate yourself on the subject matter that you are talking if you want to be perceived as intelligent because either you are a paid troll trying to intentionally decieve people or you are a HIGHLY uneducated sheep and I'm not going to get bated into an argument with a sheep troll. First, prove to us that AGENDA 21/2030 does not exist and that the 15 minute city isn't a carbon copy of it. When all cities in all countries carry out a "plan" simutainiously - ITS AN AGENDA Einstein. Also, the way you folks live in Europe is not anywhere near the same as it is here in North America so you can keep your ridiculous designs to yourselves. We're not the same. Communism is NOT freedom of choice. The freedom to move whenever you want and whenever you want is democracy/ capitalism. Removing highways for lightrails that don't stop in between destinations is certainly not the freedom to go where you want. You can have your stupid trains in Europe to travel around but I would rather and so would many others would rather drive around Europe in our cars or anywhere else for that matter because you can see and experience WAY MORE than you can sitting in a tube with a bunch of other sheep. What a joke. Petrol powered cars and living outside of the cities is freedom. Period. Being told where you can and can't live and when or where you are allowed go is not freedom or democratic. It's communism.
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Both of you sheep talk a lot of psychobabble bullshit. You're all smoke and mirrors. Do some homework and stop being a couple of cyber bullies. It's not a secret that communism is the plan for the world AGENDA. I'm not going to waste my time trying to prove myself to a couple of morons, that like trying to argue with a crazy person on the bus. The information of our planned future is out there for you to discover. It's not my responsibility to spoon feed you your information but it is my responsibility to speak against tyranny. It's your responsibility to educate yourself. I will post one news network article who touched on AGENDA 21/2030. You take it from there.....

And stop being order following sheep if you both are regular human beings and if you are paid opposition, then shame on you and remember that you will answer to God for your lies when you die. I wouldn't want to mess with your creator. He will pop you like a zit.
"You will have nothing in the future and be happy" The Great Reset - Klaus Schwab, WEF.
You wonder why I worry about communism? The "leader" of my country admires China and their way of life. Suicide is huge in China because the people can not stand communism.

And because I am feeling a little extra nice today, I've decided to show you another video explaining AGENDA 21/2030...which all ties into the 15 minute cities.

Stanky and Jexeter are RWG75. Youre busted.
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